Finish line cam

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I can’t get it to embed on wordpress. Or Matt’s for that matter.


Matt Rice Pics and Video

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VELOcity SF @ Hellyer Park Velodrome 2010 from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.

ze start
big line
dudes face in the back
hot pursuit
steve in the barrell
more on flickr…Matt Rice’ flickr


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Top Male Messenger: Steve “Baby Pasta” Tortorelli
Top Female Messenger: Domonique “CCC” Lee
Top City Cyclist: Tim “So Rude” Tsuruda
Top Trickster: Matt Reyes

I lost all the results. I gathered these from the finish line cam.

992 tim rude boy
910 nick
906 andreas
994 steve baby pasta
698 robin
909 chas
993 oscar

Chariot Repechage
986 jonathan to final
994 steve baby pasta

Chariot Final
910 nick
986 jonathan

909 chas
990 eric

Point A Lap
992 tim 14
910 nick 10
994 steve 3
986/909 tie 1

Miss and out
992 tim
910 nick

Australian Pursuit
992 tim
986 jonathan

I-D Goldsprint Pics

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Chris Nguyen took some awesome pics at I-D Thursday night. If you missed it, you missed a good opportunity to update your facebook profile pic. Thanks to Chris and thanks again to I-D.

Trick contest info

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Interwoven into our track racing event is the trick comp. Starting around two pm our trick comp will get underway.

Top trickster will get the just released Affinity Cyclone Fixed.

Peep it here

The goldsprints at I-D were fucking awesome. I will post some pics in a bit. Thanks angain to Mark and Kevin for making that happen.

Gold Sprints @ I-D Thursday 8pm

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Mark and Kevin hooked up the space to have a little speed spinning comp to benefit the plane ticket fund.

Top Dude and Top Chick get a gift certificate for jeans from Matix!